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Sustainability of eco-system is becoming a major concern to global research and policy bodies world over as it represents the last step in a long evolution of the protection of environmental quality. Hence, sustainable environmental management is based on approaches that mitigates over-bearing issues of global climate change, gradual but steady heating up of the earth surface-global warming, increased soil degradation, flooding, melting of icebergs etc. Conservation of these natural resources, provision of adequate and dependable environmental-friendly policies and action will reduce poverty and associated problems. There is therefore need to develop more sustainable solutions to these demands as expressed by various contributions in this book.

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Part 1            SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT   The 3-Dimensioal approach  1

CHAPTER 1                 Sustainable environmental management: A 3-dimensional approach to winning global war against climate change      Bello, R. S., Balogun R. B. & Okereke S. N. 3

Part 2                    CLIMATE CHANGE   The Knowledge-base. 15

CHAPTER 2      Climate change challenge: A synthesis of myths and realities   Ejenma E., Chikwendu L. and Emehute V.C. 17

CHAPTER 3              Climate change and effects on Nigeria coastline vulnerability    Olowoyo F.B., Badejo S.O., Popoola L, Agbeja B, O, Okeke A. I., Okelola O.E., Bolaji–Olutunji K.A.,Oyedeji O.S. , Olubunmi–koyejo A. 27

CHAPTER 4         Climate change and mitigation: The role of environmental impact assessment (EIA)           Bello, R. S., Ezebuilo C. N., Onyekwere P. S. N., Balogun, R. B., Umahi O., & Okoro C. 39

CHAPTER 5       Environmental impact assessment (EIA): Issues and procedure   Eke K. A. and Balogun R. B. 55

CHAPTER 6          Forest socio-cultural identity and deforestation in a rapidly changing environment Okelola, O.E, Bello, R. S., Olowoyo, B. F., Balogun, R. B., Ariyo, O. C., & Usanga, U. J. 61

CHAPTER 7            Global warming: Concepts, causes and mitigation    Olowoyo, F.B, Badejo, S.O., Popoola L, Agbeja B, O, Okeke, A. I.  Okelola, O.E Bolaji–Olutunji, K.A.Oyedeji, O.S and Olubunmi–koyejo, A. 69

Part 3                        BUILDING BLOCKS   The preparation. 81

CHAPTER 8          The neo-classical theorists: Contributions, criticisms and implications for educational and research institutions      Kalejaiye-Matti, R. B., Balogun R. B., Chinaka G. I., Okereke, S. N., Abdulahi Z. M. and Lawal A. O. 83

CHAPTER 9          The role of Information Technology in sustainable development       Chinaka G. I., Abdulahi Z. M. and Lawal A. O. 92

CHAPTER 10                  Information literacy and Information Communication Technology (ICT) skill: A veritable tool for environmental transformation       Chinaka G. I., Abdulahi Z. M., & Aniedu O. N., 109

CHAPTER 11                  Enhancing efficiency in academic and research institutions through physical and health recreation practices       Tijani W. O., Abdullahi A. M. and Okereke, S. N., Lawal A. O. 128

CHAPTER 12                     Arbitration as a veritable tool towards environmental dispute resolution: Conceptual analysis      Ndubuaku T. N. C., Balogun, R. B. Okoronkwo M. O. 142

CHAPTER 13                   Conceptualization of entrepreneurial behaviour and its influence on the environment              Usanga, U. J. 154

CHAPTER 14                   Polyethylene (PE) and climatic challenges in Nigerian cities: turning the prevalence of plastic wastes into entrepreneurial opportunity               Usanga, U. J. 167

CHAPTER 15                   Sustainable alternatives to the menace of poverty, malnutrition and urbanization      Balogun R. B., Kalejaiye-Matti, R. B., Ogbu J. U. Chinaka G. I., Lawal A. O. and Abdulahi A. M. 188

CHAPTER 16                     Achieving sustainable food production in Nigeria through human resources development    Okereke S. N., Tijani W. O., Okereke D. I., & Okereke P. O. 195

CHAPTER 17                     Occupational and environmental hazard prevalence and risk management options in workplaces drawing from Nigeria experience       Adegbulugbe T. A., Bello R. S. Ezebuilo C. N. & Okoro C. 203

CHAPTER 18                   Job safety analysis (JSA) as a planning tool for preventing workplace hazards    Balogun R. B., Ogbu J. U., Kalejaiye-Matti, R. B., & Okelola E. O., 226

Part 4                 SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES  The adaptations. 240

CHAPTER 19                    Sawmill wastes briquetting and its potentials in the minimization of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions      Bello R. S. & Onilude M. A. 242

CHAPTER 20                     Making a living from career in horticulture and landscape tehnology           Umeokecukwu, C., Melifeonwu A. A. Ogbu, J. U., Nwoga R. C., & Balogun, R. B., 265

CHAPTER 21                  Cookstove technologies and environmental impacts in the Southeastern Nigeria             Bello, R. S., Okafor E. C., Ezebuilo C. N, Bello M. B. & Umahi O. 276

CHAPTER 22                  Sustainable entrepreneurship in eco-friendly aquaculture development in Nigeria           Oyediran  A. G. & Uche F. 300

CHAPTER 23                Managing lawn for environmentally sustainable outdoor recreation           Nwoga, R. C. & Balogun, R. B. 306

CHAPTER 24                    Environmental protection and Nigerian experience: the place of tree planting in natural habitat conservation and restoration           Ogbu, J. U. & Balogun, R. B. 313

CHAPTER 25                   Status and distribution of soil particle sizes and chemical properties along selected inland valley toposequence in Ishiagu, Southeastern Nigeria             Nwite J. C. 331

CHAPTER 26                   The contributions of low external input farming system and productivity of resource-poor farmers in the derived savannah of Southeastern Nigeria    Essien, B. A. & Essien, J. B.    Essien, B. A. & Essien, J. B. 345

CHAPTER 27                     Economic analysis of Moringa oleifera leaf production using recommended practices in the south-east agroecology of Nigeria         Usanga, U. J., Chinaka, G I., & Okelola O. E. 362

CHAPTER 28                   Utilization of moringa supplements for nutrition and domestic use in malnourished and poor households      Balogun R. B., Kalejaiye-Matti, R. B., Ogbu J. U., Okelola E. O., Garba B. G., &  Okorokwo M. O. 377

Notes                 ​387

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