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​Welcome to the School of Engineering Technology, Federal College of Agriculture, Ishiagu

The present trends in agricultural and industrial revolution in the face of globalization and technological revolution has brought about dynamism in inter-disciplinary corporations and operational norms ​to evolve common solutions to human problems. Identifying with this norm has lead to widening the scope of engineering courses to include the following ​departments.


The Department ​produce technicians and technologists at the National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) levels. ​​

The National Diploma (ND) Programme offers a two year diploma training in

  • Agricultural and Bioenvironmental Engineering Technology (ABET) ​

​The Higher National Diploma (HND) programme offers two year post-diploma training in the following specializations

The farm power and machinery option is designed to produce graduates capable of applying engineering knowledge and skill in the design, fabrication, operation, servicing, repair and maintenance of all equipment used for production and processing of agricultural products. The students maintain, repair and manage farm machinery, tractors, ploughs, harrows, planters, harvesters, sprayers, post-harvest machines, etc.

The department trains students in sorting, packaging, temperature management, transporting, and temporary storing of biological materials using post-harvest technology in both primary and secondary processing of agricultural products. Graduates of this option are also expected to be able to design and fabricate post-harvest machines such as maize sheller, groundnut decorticator, oil palm mill, cassava processing machines, etc.

​​Industrial Safety and environmental engineering programme trained students ​in designing and developing programs and strategies to improve workplace safety. They inspect and observe workplace procedures, facilities, and equipment, carried out post inspection and analysis, devise suitable safety programs and oversee their implementation. Programme objectives include recommendation of appropriate installation of safety equipment and review of industrial accidents to determine their causes and recommend preventive measures for the future.

Department of Welding and Fabrication Technology

Welding and Fabrication Programme is intended to impart theoretical knowledge and practical skills to students on engineering design practice, planning, management, operation and maintenance of welding engineering systems and equipment suitable for a technician.

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