Departments: Agricultural & Bioenvironmental Engineering Technology/ Agricultural Technology

Programme: National Diploma (ND)

​​​Course Lecturer: Bello R. S.

​Course Practical ​Instructors: ​Umahi Okechukwu 

Course goal

This course in designed to enable the students understand the scope of Agricultural Engineering and its application in agricultural (crop, fiber and animal) production.

Course objective

This article provide introductory notes on the general concepts of agricultural and bio-environmental, engineer as relevant to an agricultural technologist who is expected to have a background knowledge of agricultural machine (power sources and machinery, especially operational principles of tractor) selection, operations and maintenance. After completion of this unit, students should be able to describe the factors involved in selecting machinery and make calculations that facilitate the selection of machinery.  This knowledge will be demonstrated by completion of assignment sheets and unit test with a minimum of 85 percent accuracy.

Specific objectives and competencies

At the completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  1. Understand the definitions and roles of Agricultural and Bio Environmental Engineering in National Economic Development.
  2. Recognize the role of Professional Organizations and Professional Activities relevant to Agricultural Engineering.
  3. Outline the scope of Agricultural and Bio Environmental Engineering
  4. Know the application of Farm Power and Machinery in Agricultural Production.
  5. Know the application of Soil and Water Engineering in Agricultural Production.
  6. Know the application of Farm Structures in Agricultural Production.
  7. Know the use of Electric Power in Agricultural Production
  8. Know the application of Post harvest Technology in Agricultural Production.

Reference materials

  • Bello R. S., 2012: Agricultural Engineering: Principles and Practice (Vol 1).
  • Bello R. S., 2012: Agricultural Engineering: Principles and Practice (Vol 2).
  • Bello R. S., 2012: Agricultural Machinery & Mechanization.
  • Bello R. S., 2006: Guide to Agricultural Machinery Maintenance, and Operation Fasmen Communications, Okigwe Nigeria ISBN: 978 - 2986 - 90 – 9 (79 pages)
  • All available @:

Suggested activities

  1. Locate someone (such as the school, a local business or a farmer) who is planning an equipment purchase and evaluate the situation as to what size of equipment should be obtained, whether it should be rented, purchased or custom hired, what the cost would be per year, etc.
  2. Take an inventory of an average farm in the area to determine just how much money that farm has tied up in machinery.

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