​Optimizing your skills ​​ 

​by ​Segun Bello
​Enugu| ​August 21, ​2020

​Good day, friend.

Welcome to DigiPub Training. Before I continue, Let me introduce myself ​.

My name is Segun Bello, ​researcher, an author and publisher by vocation ​.

I know you are reading this article, not because you have no job, but simply because of my desire for you to ​acquire more ​skills and make ​extra income.

Do you know you ​have a potential for greatness, just as those who have achieved greatness does? 

If you do not know, then ​let me border you with this short story of my experience.

I grew up in the remote part of a village at the inter-state boundary of two economically disadvantaged states in the south-western Nigeria where education ​was then an exclusive reserve of the middle-age class.

We spent our youthful ages as bag-bearers and basket-headers ​behind our parents on the way to the farm and only to return at dusk at the mercy of moonlight.

This was ​a daily routine ​for all children of school age then.

Surprisingly, our fathers working everyday round the clock in their farms find it difficult eating two squared meal daily, but work round the clock through the year!

This is simply an unbroken cycle of poverty passed from father to son to father and on and on!

​​​The opportunity:​

​A honourable member of the state house of assembly was a native of my town, he was well respected  ​with quality education, quality life and abundance of honour, to let our fathers know that their children too can be like him if released to acquire education early.

Many children enrolled, but only few made it!

Others, dropped out and returned to farm because of lack of understanding ​…

Very few learnt ​trade, but lacked vision to developed their skills, thus become ​artisans.

Few others travelled out of the village to learn, remained in line of business, not able to take risk or acquired more skills in their trade, thus became artisanal traders.

Only few add training to their skills and education and became high fliers! I am one of the few luck ones that made it.

I was one of the less endowed students who was very poor in spoken English, freaky and stage phobia.

I could not stand before an audience of less than ten people to speak a simple correct sentence until my graduation from the university!

 After my tertiary education, I was posted to a remote community in the eastern Nigeria to teach is a college.

​The challenge 

​There come the challenge of how do I stand before tertiary students to impact knowledge!

Lo! I discovered that there are other people worse than me because they have no vision.

They only hang around early in the morning to buy and eat boiled groundnut under fruit-trees! Chatted away their time talking irrelevances.

​My motivation:

I told myself, I WILL NOT JOIN THEM to eat groundnut! NO!

That decision worked for me!

The game changer

I discovered my potential interest in writing and publishing.

So I learned the hard way! Travelling 60-70km two-three times every week to browse in cybercafés with my 128mb flash drive and a 256MB computer set, I started to put together my first manuscript in engineering.

Not to bored you with long stories of my experiences spanning a period of 15 years,

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​Building ​trust:

This story is my true life experience. I have gone through the thick and thin to learn and acquired knowledge. It worked for me and is still working for me, so I can recommend it for you.

I am an authority in script writing, a certified book editor and reviewer, and a publisher. My name is my authority.

I have enjoyed 15 years of work experience and partnership with top marketing and publishing companies in the world.

Examples include Amazon.com, KDP/createspace, Lambert publishing etc.

I have also enjoyed a ​great deal of mentorship from entrepreneurs like Toyin Omotosho, Onome Maureen, Ola Samuel among several other top marketing gurus who commands great wealth of impact and financial dominion in sharpening my products marketing skills through their programmes and packages such as digital marketing, web design, etc.

The good news is that you will start making extra income, acquire new skills and match up with the realities of Covid-19 compliance.

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Simply marketing online products, training and mentoring apart from their regular jobs and vocations.

You may ask why am I interested in you?

Because I am in! and I want you too ​to command ​amazing results earning extra income  if only you follow them in doing what they do.

​What you required for the training:

​What do I require? Very simple, just

  • A computer (laptop or desk top)
  • An android phone with goo internet connection
  • A facebook account and
  • A notebook.

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Segun Bello

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