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​Great secrets ​in ​tiny ​article!

I saw ​a post from where someone ​asked this question:

How much is needed to live a good life in Nigeria?

​Good life?  I asked. Here's the response I got.​

"​​​By good life, I mean living in a good environment, driving good cars, make 2 travels abroad a year, health assurance, feeding well, wearing nice clothes etc.

By my estimation, living in a high profile part of Lagos, you will require an average of:

  • N550k a month for single person
  • N850k a month for a family of three
  • N1.3m a month for a family of four

​How can you afford this? There are 2 ways:

  • It is either you have a high income job
  • ​Or a high income business

​A high income job is rare and difficult to get.

​But you can start a high income business. How?

​ He showed me the answer ​in this little ​article titled:

Where the money is in 2020 and how to get it 

written by Toyin Omotosho, an entrepreneur, a business coach and online marketer.

This ​article reveals 5 little known but high income businesses you can start this year.

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