Agricultural Technology for Colleges

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Agricultural Technology for Colleges is one of the most concise and updated reference text in agricultural technology available today. The book is written from tropical environment perspective to provide a sound introduction to the core scientific principles and their applications in agriculture and food production. It is prepared essentially for first and second year undergraduate students majoring in any of the disciplines in agriculture, as well as other related biological and allied disciplines that may be offering elective introductory courses in agriculture. Also agricultural extension workers, farmers and policy makers that need a general review of relevant recent knowledge and applications in agricultural technology will find the present volume a very useful handbook. High school agricultural teachers, General Certificate of Education (GCE), Advance Level and Joint University/Monotechnic/Polytechnic Matriculation Examination students offering agriculture will find this book as a veritable resource material for teaching and examination preparation.

​Table of content

PREFACE     iv




CHAPTER 1           Ecology & Climatology        Igoche, S. A.  & Haanongon, T. 3

CHAPTER 2           Introduction to Soil Science    Ukwuoma-Okolo, A. 13

CHAPTER 3          Soil Fertility and Crop Nutrition    Nwite, J. C. 24

CHAPTER 4           Farm Soil Management     Nwokeh, U. J. 51

PART 2                  PLANT SCIENCE. 63

CHAPTER 5           Principles of Crop Production    Okereke, P. O. 64

CHAPTER 6           Annual Crops Production    Okereke P.O. & Essien B. A. 83

CHAPTER 7           Industrial Crops Production    Essien, B. A., Okereke, P. O. & Oyeleye, A. D. 106

CHAPTER 8          Horticultural Crops Production    Okocha, O. I. & Ogbu, J. U. 137

CHAPTER 9          Pasture & Forage Crops Production    Ogbu, O. C. & Ilo S. U. 167

CHAPTER 10        Woodland Management     Balogun R. B. & Bello R. S. 180

CHAPTER 11           Crop Protection       Anaele U. M., Yekini B. A. & Mbah, O. I. 202

PART 3                   ANIMAL HUSBANDRY & HEALTH.. 234

CHAPTER 12      Principles of Animal Production     Olabode, A. D. & Okelola O. E. 235

CHAPTER 13        Mini-Livestock Production     Kuka, T. &  E. B. Onwujiariri 254

CHAPTER 14            Poultry Production         Kalejaiye–Matti, R. B. 272

CHAPTER 15       Sheep, Goat and Pig Production    Ilo, S. U., Ogbu, C. O., Akinyemi, I. G., Edeh, H. O., Ohagenyi, J. I. & Uzochukwu, E.I. 289

CHAPTER 16       Beef and Dairy Cattle Production   Udeh, F. U. 312

CHAPTER 17          Animal Health           Dauda, E, & Kuka, T. 353

CHAPTER 18        Fisheries Technology     Oyediran, A. G. Uche F. O. & Olaoti K. S. 368

CHAPTER 19        Principles of Beekeeping     Eke, I. A., Ibekwe, N.H. and Uwalaka, O. A. 381


CHAPTER 20       Elements of Agricultural Economics    Okoronkwo, M. O. and Ume, S. I. 400

CHAPTER 21             Farm Management      Ume, S. I., Ucha, S. O. and Nweke, J. C. 425

CHAPTER 22        Agricultural Marketing           Ucha, S. O. & Ameh, J. N. 447

CHAPTER 23       Agricultural Extension & Rural Sociology    Onunka, B. N. and Eluwa, A. 468


CHAPTER 24     Introduction to Agric & Bioenvironmental Engineering   Bello, R. S., Onyeanula P. E., & Saidu M. J. 498

CHAPTER 25       Farm Power & Mechanization    Bello R. S. and Saidu M. J. & Adedeji A. A. 520

CHAPTER 26       Principles of Irrigation & Drainage    Adumbu T, Falana, E. O. & Umahi, O. 541

CHAPTER 27        Post-Harvest Technology     Bello, R. S. & Onyeanula, P. E. 559


CHAPTER 28        Agricultural Biotechnology     Ogbu, J. U. 578

CHAPTER 29     Information & Communication Technology in Agriculture  Ogidi, P. & Chinwuba C. C. 590

CHAPTER 30       Introduction to Agripreneurship    Usanga, U. J. 600

CHAPTER 31      Teaching, Mentoring & Developing Agripreneurs    Anozie, R. O., Okoye, F. U. & Usanga, U. J. 618

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