Department of Agricultural and Bioenvironmental Engineering Technology

Mechanization for enhanced agriculture

Departmental Staff

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Head of Department

           ​Engr. Bello RS ​              B Eng., MSc.  (WPE) (R.COREN) 

​Bello RS is the current Head of Department, Agricultural & Bioenvironmental Engineering Technology. He is a lecturer and senior research fellow in Nigeria academia with wide experiences in agricultural machinery design, design and management. His research interests ​spans machinery development, mechanization, bioresources, agricultural and wood waste management, and wood products utilization. He has made significant contributions to research and development and authored several books as well as published several research articles in journals and proceedings on agricultural mechanization, wood and wood waste technologies and management.

He is married and blessed with children.


​       Engr. ​Okafor E​. C.,    B. Eng.  (Agric.) (R.COREN) S/Lecturer

​Engr. Onyeanula Paul E., B.Eng.  (Agric.), MSc. (FPME) Lecturer III

​Engr. Adumbu Terna A., B.Eng.  (Agric.) Lecturer III

​Engr. Nebo ​Ugochukwu E.,  B.Eng.  (Mech.) Lecturer III

​Engr. Orisamuko Foluso, B.Eng.  (Mech.) Lecturer III

​Engr. Ekhayeme Samuel, B.Eng.  (​Mech.) ​Lecturer III

​Engr. ​Anthony Nnaamah, B.Eng. (​Mech.) ​Lecturer III

​Engr. ​Elendu Ogbonna, ​ B.Eng.  (​Civil.) Lecturer III

​Engr. ​Nwachukwu D. Osondu, B.​Tech.  (​Elect/Elect.) Lecturer III

​Engr. ​Chikere Nwali I., B.Eng.  (​Elect.) Lecturer III

​Engr. ​Falana   Olufemi, BSc., PGDE (​Mining.) Lecturer III

​Engr. ​Ejike  Eric  Chidozie, B.Eng.  (​Chem. Eng.) ​​Lecturer III

​Engr. ​​Akpa Ikechukwu, ​ B.Eng.  (​Mech.) Asst.Lecturer 

​Engr. Adedeji Ayodele A., B.Eng.  (​Agric.), MSc. (FPME) Asst.Lecturer

​Engr. ​​Nwite Joseph O​., ​B.Eng.  PGDE (​Agric.) Asst.Lecturer

​Engr. ​Olaniyan Ayodeji Akinsola, B Eng., ​(​Agric.) Asst. Lecturer 

​Engr. Ogunrinde Akinwale T., B. Eng. (Agric.), MSc. PhD. (SWE) ​Asst. Lecturer 

​Engr. ​​​Igwe C​. Dennis, ​ B.Eng.  (​Mech.) Asst. Lecturer 

​Engr. Saliu O Mumuni, B.Eng.  (​Agric.), MSc. (FPME) Asst. Lecturer

​Engr. ​​​Ozor Tochukwu, Anthony ​B.Eng. (​Agric.) Asst. Lecturer

​Engr. ​​Ani Ogochukwu H., B Eng., ​(​Agric.) Asst. Lecturer 

​Engr. Uka Nnnana ​E.,     B. Eng. (Mech.), ​Asst Lecturer 

​Engr. ​​​​Onu Ogbonnaya B​., B.Eng.  (​Agric.) MSc. (Bio-proc.) Asst. Lecturer 

​Engr. Ebo Anagor Ifeanyi C., B.Eng.  (​Agric.),  Asst. Lecturer

​Eneke Israel C.​​​ B​Sc. MSc. (​Biochem.) Asst. Lecturer


​​Umahi Okechukwu, Senior Instructor 

​Adedamola Baruwa, Senior Instructor

​Uloma Nwafor Samson, Senior Instructor 

Nwanyanwu Chibuzo, Higher Instructor 

​Samson Nsimoh M., Higher Instructor

​​​Nebonta Amaka Richard, ​Higher Instructor 

​​Ugwu Kingsley, ​Higher Instructor

Eke Felix Ossy, Instructor 

​​Okechukwu D. Chukwuma, Instructor

​Chukwuma John O., Instructor

Technical staff

​​Engr. Musa Habila Bitrus, CTO, Civil/Building 

Engr. Ezebuilo C. Nodilim,  Senior Mech Engr. 

​​​Ossi Joseph C., Asst. Chief Techn. Officer (Elect)

​Idam Onyekwere Chief Tech Officer (Elect)

Ogbaka Chinwe Asst. Chief Tech Officer (Estate)

​​Oko Chukwuemeka Ibe, Principal CTO, Graphics

Ogbuefi  Chukwudi, Senior Mech Engr. (Met/Mat)

​​​​Egwu  Okechukwu David, Principal Techn. Officer (​Civil)

​Ezebuilo Okezie Stanley, Civil Engr. II

​     ​Igbokwe Anthony C.,      Higher Works Suprint. 

​​​   Iheme Iheanacho, Higher Works Superint.

Philip Igboji, Higher Works Superint.

​Christian  Maduka, Higher Works Suprint.

​Lucky  C. Christian, Senior Works Suprint.

         Ajah Timothy O.,            Higher Works Suprint. 

​Ikoro   D.   Nnannaya, Senior Foreman (Elect)

​Chukwu  Kingsley, Senior Foreman (Tractor)

​Orji Maduabuchi Joseph, Senior Foreman (tractor)

​Nwankwo    Nnamdi  C., Foreman (Manson)

​​Erigbuo Nicholas Uzoma,​Foreman (​plumbing)

​Ekuma  Raymond   O., Assit. Craftsman

​       Jonah Emmanuel,     Asst. Craftsman

​Asumugha Edwin, Field Attendant

    ​Kalu Sunday, Field Attendant

 Emmanuel   Obom, Field Attendant

​Andrew Ogwu, Field Attendant (Mech)

​Ubani A. C., Field Attendant (Mech)

​Onuigwe Mathew, Field Attendant

Administrative staff

​​Isibor Jude, ​Administrative Officer

​Cyril Nweke, Administrative Officer

​Ajah Charity O., Higher Executive Officer

​Chekwas, Admin Officer

​Ekpo Anietie A., Asst. Exec. Officer

​Ogbuehi Helen C., Clerical Officer II

NB: The list of staff is subject to update at any time without ​prior notice of the public.

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