Department of Agricultural and Bioenvironmental Engineering Technology

Mechanization for enhanced agriculture

Departmental activities

Academic activities 

​The department among other things rendered the following activities.

Teaching and practical

The Department taught theoretical skills, conduct practical in regular academic programmes, ​​and  industrial work training scheme as well as educational tour of related industries.

Industrial training & Educational tour

The ​Department send students to 3-4 months of industrial work experience (SIWES) where they gained practical experiences in various aspects of the course. The completion of SIWES is important in the final determination of whether the student is successful in the programme or not. Equally, students are allowed to embark on educational tour of relevantindustries, institutions and mechanized farm sites to gain industrial exposures.

Short course training

The Works Unit, in collaboration with the Department offers certificate and diploma training courses to students in skills acquisition, machine development and fabrication: The programme develops and fabricates agricultural equipment, tools and machines such as improved sheet metal folding machine, grain cleaner, vegetable chopper, hammer mill, feed mixer etc.

Direct labour projectsupervision

As a service arm of the College, the Department in collaboration with the directorate of Works Unit executes and supervises many building projects through direct labour. The department also give professional adviseto the Management of physical planning and execution where required.

Utility maintenance services

The Department and the Works Unit engaged in the maintenance of on-farm and off-farm vehicles such as tractors, implements and automobile servicing and repairs, plumbing and painting, directional sign post/board construction etc. Electrical Unit carries out maintenance on power transmission lines, servicing and repair of electrical utilities in the College, distribution and extension of electricity within the College community.

Human and material resource development

The Department has qualified and well experienced human resources (academic and non-academic staff) that meets the basic minimum NBTE criteria for acceptable levels of performance. The department ​equally encourages staff and students in pursuit of capacity development.

Visit: Staff profile for staff strength through this link: https://tinyurl.com/y6lhenda 

The department also have a good number of well equipped laboratories, workshops, and classrooms with up-to-date state of the art equipment for student practical sessions.

Extra Curricular ​Activities

The Department encourages ​and supports ​her students to actively participate in sporting activities during the students' week, inter-departmental sociocultural, and religious activities among others. However, the Department seriously discourage the students from indulging in anti-social activities such as cultism, gyration immoral acts etc.

Our Diplomates

The department had for 10 years consistently graduated over students with good academic records and proven integrity with sound track records of competitive academic performance who are interested in pursuing higher education in various fields of engineering technology. Also, statistics from the College Admissions Office indicated that an increased request from prospective students seeking admissions into HND in agricultural engineering.

Our diplomats have proven records of ability to apply engineering knowledge and skill in the design, fabrication, operation, servicing, repair and maintenance of all agricultural equipment used for production, processing and storage of agricultural products.

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